8.13.10 11:28 p.m. (EST)

Yes Fans. We are sorry for the delay in finalizing the website. We have a few more hurdles yet to overcome in bringing you The Adjusted in a format you can easily access and download. The current challenge stems from "how to bring you the comic on mobile devices" where you get instant access AND the ability to download instantly after purchase. It seems we need a solution that requires a healthy amount of bandwidth to stream you the preview and be able to provide download capability for the 200MB video file. Stay tuned! We are not far away from a solution. The ideas we are currently exploring look like they address all your/our potential concerns and should work really smooth! We estimate availability in about 3-4 weeks max. We'll continue to bring you more character background information and story as we get ready to go live!

-- Trilogy-Media, LLC Exec. Producer Ken Bass