06.21.11 12:28a.m. (EST)

I wanted to take a few moments once again to share the great news of our latest creation...Episode II of The Adjusted. As you all know and have followed our journey, we have had a few tough obsticles in bringing you this next installment in a timely maner. I very much hope you find it was worth the wait and you are still with us. But I want to say thank you all so very much for all your help, support, and encouragement in this endeavor. However, after this installment, I will have to take an indefinite pause, as the creative team have all been pulled into other great projects and directions.

But this triumph/project stands out and is still the only of its kind to my knowledge! Our initial goal was simple, deliver a great engaging story, with excellent art illustration, characters, and a phat, high energy musical score to set the mood. It has exceeded my very high expection. If I am Blessed from GOD to bring you the rest and conclusion of The Adjusted, you will know! But for now, please enjoy Episodes 1 & 2 available for the price of just one issue. Also, for all fans who purchsed issue #1 will receive Issue/Episode II absolutely Free! We will shortly be sending out email notices for all our customers with instructions to login and download your FREE Episode II for your support of Episode I. Of course, If anyone was holding off for a great deal, you now have the opportunity to get/download both Episode I and II videos, HD pdf, ringtones, musical score, and wallpaper art for $1.99.