The high lord messiah and supreme ruler of the Terran Empire, Lord Erion Bael IX, has commanded Augustus Winn (a.k.a. The Mindtaker), to create the ultimate weapon. The device is a human hybrid quantum supercomputer, designed to calculate all future probabilities and destinies and would allow Lord Bael the ability know the thoughts and outcomes of all events and to crush any who would oppose him.

To develop this weapon, Augustus needs genetic markers from specific human DNA. To obtain the raw materials for this great mission from his Lord, Augustus assigns the task of obtaining the human specimens to Winston (a.k.a The General), the most trusted warrior servant of Lord Bael. Led by General Winston, hunter-seekers of the Terran Empire, are sent to abduct the needed human subjects. Once they have harvested the needed genetic material from the human subjects' DNA, they are quickly returned to their lives. Soon, these (altered) humans develop side-effects that spread into an epidemic that threatens the entire world.

Darius Santos (a.k.a Uri Khan), the founder of a private military services firm, BILT Corp., will soon come face to face with the adjusted humans and ultimately deal with those behind this plague. Or, accept the next phase of human evolution will be those who have become… The Adjusted!